All Aboard - Field Trip Starts Here!

school bus

So you want to take a field trip, but can't get away from the computer. You have come to the right spot! This field trip will guide you through many poisonous situations and along the way, you will get to see some real interesting stuff. There are lots of scary things around the house that poison people. The Poison Centers across Texas receive hundreds of calls everyday because of accidental poisonings from these scary things. So today, you get to see first hand what causes poisonings. Hope you have time to take the whole trip. We promise it won't take that long, unless you stop and gaze at the critters too long. Sit back, relax and ELP (that's short for Enjoy, Learn, Prevent poisonings.) Just scroll to the bottom of each page and click to the next page to take the trip. At the end of the trip you will find a link that will take you to lots more pictures. Keep going to see them!



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