There are so many spiders in this world and most are good spiders that eat a lot of bad bugs.  If you see a spider, don’t touch it.  Go ask if you can get a camera and take a picture of it.  You can start a collection of photos of spiders you have seen.

  • Tarantulas are kind of big spiders, but they are gentle.  If you don’t bother them, they won’t hurt you.  Don’t poke a stick at him.  Don’t throw rocks at him. He will think you are trying to hurt him. He can jump and bite you.  It is much better to take his picture.
  • Black widow spiders are black and have a big black shiny belly.  They stay on their web and don’t usually crawl on the floor.  They have a red spot on their belly that usually looks like an hourglass.  They are very venomous and can make you sick.  Don’t touch them, just go get an adult.
  • Brown Recluse spiders are brown.  Their belly can be dark brown or light brown.  They have a fiddle (violin) shaped mark on the back of their head.  Most people never see them, but if they bite you, they can make a sore on your body and you may need to go to the doctor.