Did You Know?

Myth #1: Snakes don’t bite under water.

FACT: Snakes can bite under water.

Myth #2: Only venomous snakes bite.

FACT: The truth is that all snakes can bite especially if they think you might harm them. Even though some are not venomous, you could get an infection from their bite. Of course you know how dangerous the venomous snakes can be.

Myth #3: Daddy-long-legs are the most poisonous spider in the whole world, but they can’t bite you because their mouth is too small.

FACT: Daddy-long-legs are not actually spiders. They have 8 legs, but unlike spiders, they only have one body part. They are called harvestmen. They are not venomous and feed only on decaying matter.

Myth #4: Safety caps are child proof.

FACT: Safety caps are not child proof. Poison Centers receive calls daily from parents who state that their child got the lid off and ate some of the medicine (or drank some of the cleaners.)