Don’t Google…Just Call!

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Isn’t technology great!  We’ve become a technology-based society. If we want to go someplace, we use a GPS device instead of finding a map. Our music is played on devices that fit in the palm of your hand. If we need to look up a definition of a word, we reach for the computer or tablet or smart phone and use instead of reaching for the dictionary. If we have a question about anything, our first thought is to “Google It”.

And there is a definite place for this technology. Usually, when you use search engines to find something on the internet, it takes some time to find the exact information you’re looking for. You get many choices that satisfy your search. You have to sort through the choices to find the exact answer you are looking for from a source you can trust. How many key strokes do you think it takes to find an answer to your question? Do you think you can get immediate, accurate information with just 11 key strokes?

Calling your local poison center when someone has used a medicine or household product in the wrong way or in the wrong amount will get you accurate information in seconds with just 11 keystrokes—1.800.222.1222. Once you dial this number, you are connected right away to a poison expert—a doctor, pharmacist or nurse with special training—who will give you the information you need to help the person. You’ll be given information specific to your situation. The information found on the internet is general and applies to some situations but maybe not yours. Some people call the poison center after they tried to find the answers on the internet. The information they find is scary or confusing. Sometimes it is not correct. Some of the information is outdated. Some of the information might come from blog posts from random people who have little or no knowledge of the topic.

The best advice to follow if you think a poisoning or overdose has happened—

Don’t Google…Just Call!  

We’re there 24/7.  The call is free and the peace of mind is priceless!