By SubstanceAlcohol

Fall Poisonings

Fall is the season of change. The leaves begin to change colors, the temperature begins to drop, and our whole mentality begins to shift towards “the holidays.” First we have Labor Day, then Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas. All these holidays bring about a whole different type of...

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Hand Sanitizers: How Toxic Are They?

Recently, an email has circulated warning parents not to use hand sanitizers due to the danger they pose to children.  And while hand sanitizers can be dangerous if swallowed, actual symptoms from their misuse are extremely rare.  Most children who get a “taste” or a “lick” of hand sanitizer...

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Tis the Season to Be Poisoned

Many accidental poisonings occur when parents are distracted. Holiday activities and holiday entertaining certainly increase this risk. During the excitement of the holidays, temptations for children are often more than they can handle. Take a few minutes to poison-proof your home and make this holiday season a safe one. O...

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