Babysitting Tips

Here are tips for when you are babysitting.

  1. Take all local emergency phone number with you to baby-sit including the POISON HELP number 1-800-222-1222.
  2. Take a note pad to write down instructions from the parent and a phone number where they can be reached in case of an emergency
  3. Make sure things that cause a poisoning are out of reach. (If you are not sure what to do, click here for tips Poison Prevention Tips)
  4. Watch the children at all times.  It only takes a second for a poisoning to occur.
  5. Follow these simple steps if you suspect a child has been poisoned:
    1. Take the poison away from the child or move the child away from the poison.
    2. Check the baby’s mouth. Quickly but gently remove any pills with your finger.
    3. Take the poison with you and tell an adult.
    4. If there is no adult around, call the POISON HELP number 1-800-222-1222.
    5. Do what the Poison Center tells you.
    6. Tell the parents what happened and what steps you have taken.
    7. Help parents made the house safe so the baby doesn’t get poisoned again.
  6. Have fun babysitting, but be responsible.