Who We Are

The Texas Poison Center Network (TPCN) provides information to citizens who suspect they have been exposed to toxic substances, or may have had adverse reactions to food, plants, or insect stings. The TPCN is accessible by calling the toll-free number: 1-800-222-1222.

The Texas Poison Center Network receives over 230,000 calls each year for immediate treatment advice and assistance in cases of exposure to poisonous or hazardous substances, as well as for drug and poison information.  Poison centers save lives and protect the health of Texans through our direct medical services, data collection and monitoring, and healthcare provider education. Texas’ 24/7 helplines are staffed by specially-trained physicians, nurses and pharmacists.  By providing treatment advice over the phone, poison center experts safely managed 87% of the calls from the public entirely at home without ever having to visit a hospital or doctor’s office. Cited as a model for cost-effective health care delivery, this resulted in an annual net savings to Texas and its residents of more than $85.5 million in avoided health care costs each year.  The Texas Poison Centers are also a valuable resource for health care providers with over 32% of our calls coming from physicians, nurses, EMS providers, pharmacists and physician assistants.  We are the experts your healthcare team calls when they have a question, and we’re available to you 24/7!

The network is composed of six geographically diverse poison centers residing in host hospitals, linked by a sophisticated telecommunications network.

Texas Regional Poison Centers