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This critical health resource needs YOUR HELP! The Texas Poison Center Network is primarily supported by a state agency through the collection of an intrastate long distance surcharge.  The increasing use of cell phones is putting our funding at risk!  Your generous donation can help keep our phone lines open for free to provide expert help in poison emergencies.  Donations are also used to help purchase educational materials which are provided free to Texas residents.

Your Poison Center is cost effective, safely treating 80% of callers at home and saving the State's residents millions of dollars in medical expenses each year.  For each dollar spent in Texas to fund poison centers, eight dollars is saved in medical expenses.

About half of poisoning emergencies involve small children. The Poison Center also helps with the management of drug interactions, suicide attempts, medication errors, substance abuse, chemical spills, and occupational exposures.  Pet owners call too, when the dog, cat or bird has been poisoned. Highly trained, certified toxicology specialists provide expert treatment and guidance immediately.

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Your donation will help us maintain and update this web page and help us provide educational materials to individuals and families throughout Texas and it may be tax deductible. 

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